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Case studies and community stories. 

We receive wonderful comments regularly about this course.  Here are a handful of comments that come in via email.

Ethel (Academy Student)

My experience with Stacked Academy was amazing and one of a kind. I never have seen any online training like Stacked Academy. For me what makes them stand out? Are the full support you get, never-ending patience, and they provide us with our first client! We were trained how to talk, what to say, and how to close deals for our business. 

The contents are easy to digest and follow. If you get stuck? The Stacked Academy team are always there to help and quick to respond with any issues. I was able to learn how to build a website from start to finish. I learned a lot of tools that I never knew existed before. In addition to great training, we also had mentors that are leaders in the field every week and I was able to immerse myself in learning about marketing, business, and design. Now, that I completed my 12-week course, I have now added web design to my services! I am ecstatic!

I highly recommend Stacked Academy! The course was beneficial to my freelancing and I intend to apply everything I learn in my business. If you are someone like me who want to take her skills to the next level, then this course is for you too! If you want to learn how to build a website but do not know how to code? Then this course is perfect for you. It's easy to ask for help from the team and you do not have to wait 24 hours to get the help you need. I can't emphasize it enough SUPERB SUPPORT! Everything you need to start your web design business is on the 12-week course! It is a worthy investment for myself and I am 100% sure it will be for you too.


Santa (Ethel's Client)

What can I say but WOW I’m one lucky Santa.

Ethel has built for me a web site far better than I imagined. Right from the beginning Ethel was able to grasp the look and feel I wanted to generate with my web site and factor in the future needs this Santa would have.

It became very exiting to watch and get sneak peeks at what was being done as the build progressed. Ethel is so responsive to any changes that I needed done that it made the entire process a great experience.

I have had several web sites built for other businesses I have owned but never has it been so effortless as it has been with Ethel.

All I can say now is thank you Ethel love your work, your definitely on this Santa’s nice list.

Ho Ho Ho - Santa G

Jenny Cavanough (graphic designer, turned web designer!)

I can't recommend the 12 week Stacked Academy course enough. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The course is practical and interesting with relevant content. Dave's teaching style is genuine, down to earth and approachable. I gained a lot of gems from the specialist mentoring as well.

Creating a web site for a real client was a great experience. I found it helpful having access to the group chat (channel) where we could not only post our own questions but learn from questions other students were asking. I liked that the zoom video meeting platform meant we could interact with Dave, the mentors and the other students.

The Academy teams passion for web design was evident in the instruction and help provided along the way, encouraging us to explore what the platforms had to offer.

The whole Stacked Academy team are available for support and they really know their stuff. I feel confident to offer web design as a service after completing this course.

Testimonial from Debbie

As a freelance designer specialising in print media, I realise I needed to diversify my skill-set in areas that are a little more specialised in order to offer potential clients a complete configuration of products.

With partial experience building a website from the ground-up and designing the layout I looked into and began and internship with Stacked Design.

This course is a must for freelance designers who want to venture into web-design. The course is structured in such a way that caters for flexibility. Professional tutorials with guest speakers are relaxed whilst delivering the opportunity to question and reflect are provided throughout. Other than the response and support from Dave and the team at Stacked, the single most outstanding feature of this course is the opportunity to work on a project in a practical real-life environment, similarly to any internship. This ‘learn-as-you-go’ project is invaluable as you are deal with time-constraints, client goals and expectations at the same time delivering an end-product product that is endorsed by the Stacked team prior to hand-over.

Throughout the course you will learn first-hand and in great detail step-by-step procedures you need to act on to ensure your site is properly and professionally built.

Knowing that Stacked have done and continue to support both myself and my colleagues in steering us towards the direction we need to take in order to become effective and successful designers is fantastic. It’s extremely heartening to know that we are not left out in the cold or thrown to the wolves to make our own way. We now have the support of our peers as well, which I am sure will continue for many.

Because of this course, I look forward to the opportunity to create and design websites with confidence. The Stacked team have made it clear that we can continue to benefit from their knowledge base should we require any future additional assistance. How can we not feel supported, when the course has so much to offer?

Email from a student July 3 2018

Sure, we can all spend hours/days researching and googling different aspects of best practices for web site design and effective management. From earlier discussions with you as well as how you have outlined the course module and the combination of the use of the Stacked Learning Channel and Slack environment I am already impressed with what lies ahead.
I am excited to be able to participate in this niche bespoke training program. I can’t wait to learn from the industry professionals you have already touched base with.
I am sure we are all going to learn so much through the Stacked Academy, not only through implementing practises developed by the team at Stacked through years of experience and working day to day in a successful website design environment but by the additional mentorship you are providing in the course through partnerships you have created over the years.
How will I measure the success of the course? It’s easy. Using the principles and steps you have already spoken about.
To be able to design a working website assertively and know right from the start that every little thing I do on the website is 'best practise’.
To gain the experience and confidence of dealing with a business (whether it be a start-up or established) from the get-go in a real-world environment. To be able to develop the relationship with the this business so the end product is a very happy client - (a sort-of catch 22 isn’t it? A client who I hope in return will provide me with a testimonial for either my portfolio or my business).
There are so many things I need too learn: from how to create a staging environment before publishing the site live, using mysql, white labelling and much much more.
We get the best of both worlds; we learn in an real-world environment on actual cases with experienced staff to guide us along the way.
It will be hat’s off and saluting when I can discuss building a website as well as the contract and (negotiate) a price with conviction - and have them willingly pay instead of it ending up being a gratis exercise to gain the skills necessary for a portfolio.
Thanks again Dave
By the way: that wasn’t the testimonial - just my thoughts.
There’s so much to learn. And you are kicking it off with a mentor who can coach/advise us about successful freelancing! Cant wait to soak it all in and start using his advise.

General Comments

Stacked Academy is great, I learned things that I never knew before!

Very addictive... Late nights with no TV. A good thing. Loving it! Huge thanks to Dave up late too.

Super interesting! It's very applied, which is great.

So so exciting! be taken through website building step by step and hopefully be able to deliver a satisfactory service to others!

Amazing first week of the course! The zoom session was very engaging, with a lot of attention placed on every student in the academy.

It doesn't go unnoticed that a lot of time and effort has been invested by the Stacked Academy team to perfect this course and offer quality knowledge. Very eager to see what the next 11 weeks have to offer.

Great, learning a lot. 🙂

It's interesting,especially the Mailchimp part

Very hands on and applied! Looking forward to more mentor sessions!
This week was more of a challenge but Dave was very helpful. Really appreciate the effort, so I'll try to put in as much effort in return.

So nicely structured and everything tech-related is so straightforward and organised! Makes it really easy to find help and I always feel supported.

I am finding the course very inspirational. I will in time know and practise be able to create beautiful sites. Mentor sessions are great and overall I'm very happy, and can't wait to get through it.

Loving the course 🙂

Here's why Stacked Academy is an awesome idea.

Learn from real developers

Our presenters are all experienced web designers and developers with a track record of success. Get the right advice to make your website look professional all by yourself.


Unlimited Staging Sites

Get access to create as many sites as you want. All sites come equipped with thousands of dollars of fully-licensed plugins for you to use.


Email / Document Templates

During the Academy, we give you all the emails and document templates required to run a successful web project. They are yours to keep and re-purpose as you see fit.


Incredible support

We are so hands on it's ridiculous. Get an almost immediate response from a team of mentors through our community slack channel.


First project build

We'll step you through an entire project from start to finish. You'll gain skills in everything from documentation & style guides to optimisation and configuring DNS.



You will be able to offer website design as a service, deliver over and over again with ease,  and charge good money with conviction.


Build your Agency Website

Walk away at the end with a high converting web design agency website that is all yours. Including e-commerce capability, a blog, and landing pages to run your marketing campaigns.


Successful Graduates are given monthly leads

One of the toughest things for most web design freelancers is finding new work. As a new business it can take years to build up a client base of reliable referral work. Our graduates are introduced to new Stacked Site website owners so they can help each other. 

Get started today!

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